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Rising Starz post BIG scores at IGI Chicago Meet

By Joel Koch, 02/10/19, 4:30PM EST


Leah Koch of Rising Starz Gymnastics completes a back tuck as teammates look on during the IGI Chicago Style Meeting the weekend of February 8-10.

Nearly 2500 gymnasts descended on Chicago February 8-10 for the annual IGI Chicago Style Gymnastics Meet. Held at Navy Pier, the event is one of the largest in the country and boasted spectacular performances all weekend. This year was no exception as Rising Starz Gymnastics had four athletes with All-Around scores in the Top 10 of the 2,494 at the event.

Xcel Silver gymnast Cora Strock was tops at the event with an amazing 38.975. She grabbed gold on Vault (9.700) and Bars (9.850), while a strong 9.775 Floor was good for 2nd. Her Bars score was the highest of any athlete on the apparatus during the weekend. Teammate Ryenn McRell finished with a 38.425, seventh highest AA at the event. Competing during the same session as her teammate, it was good for 2nd AA. Her score was built with a gold on Floor (9.825) and silver on Beam (9.725).

Xcel Gold gymnasts Georgia Readwin (5th) and Leah Koch (10th) were also outstanding, finishing with 38.475 and 38.375 respectively. Readwin took gold on Vault (9.450) and Floor (9.750) in her division, adding a 2nd on Bars (9.650) and 3rd on Beam (9.625). Koch took gold on Floor with a 9.875 – highest on the floor of any Xcel athlete. She also added silver medals on Bars (9.525) and Beam (9.775).

Rising Starz also had two other All-Around Champions in the Xcel Silver division – Jaylin Hunter (38.350 AA; 1st Floor – 9.850; 3rd Vault – 9.150) and Lillian Green (38.250 AA; 1st Bars – 9.625; 1st Beam – 9.525; 1st Floor – 9.550).

The Xcel Gold team featured five additional All-Around Champions including Emma Shutich who swept all events with gold medals (37.900 AA; 1st Vault – 9.225; 1st Bars – 9.625; 1st Beam – 9.450; 1st Floor – 9.600). Close behind were Molly DiCosola (37.850 AA; 1st Beam – 9.800; 2nd Floor – 9.550), Claire Adams (37.825 AA; 1st Vault – 9.225; 1st Bars – 9.650; 1st Floor – 9.700; 2nd Beam – 9.250), Quin Mead (37.675 AA; 1st Beam – 9.425; 1st Floor – 9.675; 2nd Bars – 9.450) and Mayzen Roerig (37.125 AA; 1st Beam – 9.375; 2nd Bars – 9.350; 3rd Floor – 9.400).

On the Xcel Platinum and Diamond levels, Rising Starz also had a pair of All-Around Champions in Kate Tracey (38.075) and Lacey Sheid (37.925), respectively. Tracey took First on Bars (9.500) and Floor (9.625), while Sheid grabbed golds on Vault (9.550) and Beam 9.475), silver on Bars (9.400) and bronze on Floor (9.500).

In all, the team claimed 53 gold medals, 45 silver and 32 bronze. For a full list of scores and places, visit

In the team competition, Rising Starz also looked strong with first and second place finishes all weekend. They end:

Session 111 Xcel Silver State Gym: 151.650 (2nd)

Session 222 Xcel Gold Lakeshore Gym: 151.600 (1st)

Session 521 Xcel Diamond Wacker Gym: 111.675 (2nd at event – 17th highest in the country for 2019)

Session 523 Xcel Platinum Wacker Gym: 114.775 (1st at event – 3rd highest in the country for 2019)

Session 612 Xcel Silver LaSalle Gym: 153.850 (1st at event – 2nd highest in the country for 2019)

Session 613 Xcel Gold LaSalle Gym: 153.875 (2nd at event – 3rd highest in the country for 2019)